Software Architect Jobs In India For Freshers, Software Architect Jobs Work From Home

Job Name : Software Architect

Salary : 20,000 – 22,000 a Months

Exp:  2 years

Company Name : Mindtree

Qualification : Graduation

Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Language : English/Hindi

Job Description

THIS SR IS FOR INFORMATICA IDQ JOB SUMMARY Software Engineers are skilled in solving various technical problems by effectively leveraging the collaborative platforms in an ecosystem. This opportunity allows one to independently implement diverse andc omplex engineering tasks through analytical thinking and problem solving. Software Engineers will get to exhibit a deep understanding of the end-to-end software life cycle and show high levels of collaboration, customer centricity and effective commu nication to understand requirements, analyse, provide support, and deliver technical results and drive excellence. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES # Solve various technical problems in the project in a collaborative manner under specified timeline with minimal guidance and review # Responsible for implementing diverse engineering tasks including gap, data, and impact analysis # Independently perform low-level design configuration, code customization, refactoring and review # Gain expertise and demonstrate high levels of skills in design, review, development, testing, build and deployment stages of the software life cycle # Ensure adequate documentation and provide assistance as a reliable engineer to all stakeholders SPECIALIZATION Businesses are grow ing at a tremendous pace and so is the data. Simultaneously, the way businesses used to process data is also changing, looking to utilize the historical and the continuous stream of data to generate game-changinginsights. Therefore, combining analyti cs with content management strategy and representation of insights is key to making a business impact. Mindtree works with companies across a wide variety of industry verticals to help them capitalize on the possibilities afforded by business analyti cs..

Job Requirements: Informatica ETL, Data Analysis, Reporting





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